inventory management solutions for business have completely changed the life of the human. IT disposal services due to their development, we introduced new habits and ways of life, of which no one could even think ten years ago. This is obvious when you compare the childhood of parents and their children. The future of the IT will be radically different from the present, because now everyone can observe a series of trends. In this article, we present Top 10 Most Expected Discoveries in IT sphere in 2016.

Innovation in Information Technology

10. Robotics

The revolution took place in the company Boston Dynamics, which specializes in the manufacture of robots. Its new invention is a humanoid robot that can walk and run as smoothly as a man despite the quality of the road surface.

9. Brain-computer interface

Brain-computer interface is a kind of IT technology that allows a computer to be controlled with the brain signals. Overall, it can be considered an amazing invention that is able to simplify the life for people with physical disabilities.

8. Electronization

Electronic devices have long been commonplace in everyday life, ranging from blood pressure monitors and finishing with Google Glasses. More and more companies are going down this path of development, developing more and more new devices, such as shoes, which will help people to blindly feel the ground on which they walk.

7. Drones

Drones with hypersensitive sensors and cameras will be great assistants for farmers. They simply relieve them from the need to investigate the condition of the field and harvest. Drones are able to collect and transmit the desired information themselves.

6. 3D printing

The production of electronic schemes is a complicated and tedious procedure. 3D printing helps save both strength and time. In addition, it will cost much cheaper than habitual printing technologies.

5. “The human brain” project

“The human brain” is considered one of the best contemporary projects. Its cost varies from about several billion dollars. The project’s objective is to create a map or model of the human brain and turn into its simulator.

4. Smart car

In the near future, everybody will witness a serious revolution in the sphere of smart cars’ production. They will be absolutely autonomous machines and robots that can operate independently without human driving.

3. Webcast TV

This year marked an enormous increase in webcast TV, including shows, advertisements, movies, the Internet. It’s possible that TV will soon disappear from our homes completely.

2. Smart Home

The idea of ​​smart home has actively been developing for many years. Every year all surrounding objects are getting smarter and smarter. Now the house will be able to not only control the temperature and humidity, but also to send SMS warning of breakdowns and report information on those who are at home.

1. Non-verbal communication

This is a great one. It is also revolutionary.

To exchange information, you have no longer to open your mouth. In a recent issue, you can simply exchange ideas with the help of the device wearing down. However, they say that this year people will be able to communicate with animals without any additional IT devices.