zamir javer

For CEO Zamir Javer, the field of online marketing is highly specialized and replete with many pitfalls for the unwary.  The prospective client seeking legal advice is now more discerning and internet savvy than ever, making effective digital marketing essential to the success of a legal firm.  But what constitutes “effective digital marketing?”

Simply having a website that lists the services you offer is nowhere near enough.  Prospective clients will need to find your site among the many websites out there.  This necessitates the use of SEO strategies such as using optimized keywords, social media, links and blogs to increase your chances of a web surfer finding your site.  You need to tailor your SEO strategies to attract people in your target market. Any misstep results in failure to attract site visitors or attracting people who may not be looking for legal help.

Once a prospective client visits your legal site, he needs to be impressed with its design and content.  The site must load reasonably fast or the prospect leaves.  It must contain useful information related to your field of legal expertise presented in a manner that would interest a layman.  Calls to action, forms, and landing pages should be designed to convert the web visitors to clients.  And a wealth of useful content should turn clients to promoters of your services.

Regular maintenance of content, links, and strategies are essential.  Analysis of visitors and conversion rates, and ensuring proper reputation management are also important.

To sum it up Zamir Javer proposes that legal marketing is too time-consuming for a legal professional.  It is a job best entrusted to digital marketing professionals.